Saturday, November 10, 2012

Under the Cherry Tree - Official Movie Trailer -- Book & DVD in Stores 1/8/2013

This movie was written, directed, and produced by none other than my little brother, Cedric Mixon, owner of Kobalt Books Entertainment!
The book and the DVD will premiere in stores on January 8, 2013!
This is an inspirational movie about 2 brothers, their struggles, and the road to redemption.
Hey, I've even got a little cameo in the movie! Yup, you heard right, I made my 1st movie debut (I'm about to be a starra!!! LOL)
Check out the trailer to the movie and like his page on facebook found here at Under The Cherry Tree...

Check out my still shot from the movie!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out the trailer until next time.
Stay blessed!

P.S. The web series to promote the movie will be starting November 19th on YouTube! I'll keep you posted.  I've got a couple of cameos there! (LOL, nepotism at its finest...)

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