Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sauteed Summer Squash

One of the biggest draws to our new home was that the owner had a small garden out front.  In this garden, she planted tomatoes, collard greens, green beans, squash, and strawberries.  Since we didn't move in until the middle of June, we got a big surprise when we got the keys the day before move in. Apparently, the lawn man that the real estate agent hired to maintain the yard COMPLETELY mowed down the garden I was looking forward to harvesting. I was so ridiculously disappointed.  I even called my mama to tell her that the stupid yard man mowed down my veggies! I mean, who does that? (shaking my head)

We've had quite a few rainy days around here recently, so I wasn't surprised to find that the strawberries bounced back.  They really are quite resilient if you think about it.  We also saw what we thought were weeds growing in the garden now that the vegetable plants were destroyed.  Imagine our surprise when hubby came home from work the other day to say, "Uhh, babe, I think we've got some squash out front."
Huh???  Really???  Let me see!!!

Check it out! In the midst of the weeds growing in what was once a beautiful little garden, we had a squash plant to survive the mower too!  We had 1 medium-sized squash and 1 granddaddy squash out front!  I was so excited, we picked them immediately and I got ready to saute those bad boys up right away.  I'm not sure why I was so excited since I'm not really a squash eater, but hubby is and I will look for ANY REASON to find a new recipe online.  So, off to Google I went to find an easy recipe that I could whip up in a jiffy. :-)
The original recipe that I found can be found here, but you know I didn't follow it exactly, right? It just wouldn't be "Kesha's Kreations" if I did...

So anyway, here is my version with just a few modifications to it. Let me know if you try it and what you think.  Being a non-squash eater, I thought it came out really good (much better than the 1st time I tried to make yellow squash) and the recipe was easy.  You can't beat that with a stick!

2-3 medium sized yellow squash
1/2 cup chopped onions
1.5 Tbsp olive oil
1-2 Tbsp sugar (optional - to taste)
1/4 cup water
salt & pepper

1.  Wash and chop yellow squash.
2.  In medium-sized skillet, heat olive oil on medium-high heat.
3.  Add chopped onions & squash to skillet.
4.  Add sugar, salt and pepper. Stir well.
5.  Add water to skillet. Cover with lid and let steam for approximately 3 minutes.
6.  Remove lid and stir. Allow water to cook off, stirring often.
7.  When water has cooked off, squash should be tender.
8.  Enjoy!

Hubby's Plate...
Baked chicken tenders, northern beans and cornbread and sauteed yellow squash...
(He gave it 2 thumbs up!)

Hope you enjoy!
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Krista said...

Lovely! There is always so much squash coming out of the garden, new recipes are always welcome! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Have a blessed week & come back soon ~EMM

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