Friday, April 19, 2013

MUSIC BLAST: Fantasia Barrino "Lose to Win" - Live on American Idol

Fantasia's new album "Side Effects of You" is going to be available April 23rd!

When I saw the official video to "Lose to Win", I fell in love with the retro feel of the video but even more so, I fell in love with the words to the song.
Fantasia's "Lose to Win" is an amazing song and I love the sample from the Commodore's "Night Shift" thrown in there.  I don't think I know a single person who has never been in a situation like this where you loved someone and they just weren't on the same page as you.  I love all of the words in this song but one of my favorite parts is in the bridge and the following chorus:

Some of you know what it feels like
Caught up just in his light
Don’t wanna try again, thinking what’s the difference?
Why am I not interested?
Cause when you’ve been broken, you feel like no one can fix it

Have you ever needed someone so bad?
But he ain’t willing to make it last
Sometimes you gotta lose to win again.
If it makes you cry, cry, cry
All you do is smile
Can you not sleeá¹— at night?
Sometimes you gotta lose to win again.

I honestly haven't watched a single episode of American Idol since Simon left, but I saw this video online from the show last night where Fantasia performed "Lose to Win" and seriously watched it twice in a row.  I love the raw emotion that she allows to show through while singing this song.  I don't know if she wrote the song or not, but it is obvious that the words have a special meaning for her.  One of the things I love the most about Ms. Fantasia Barrino is that she allows herself to feel the words of whatever she is singing and that emotion comes across not only as pure talent but as passion for her calling in life.

Fantasia Lose To Win by caseycarlsonx1

Fantasia has been through so much and it is so wonderful to see her picking herself up, dusting herself off, and soaring in spite of.  She is an inspiration and I cannot wait to see what her new album holds in store.

Check out the original video below.


Enjoy the videos and the weekend!

~Peace, Love, and Happiness!

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