Sunday, July 21, 2013

MUSIC BLAST: Lake Street Dive Plays "I Want You Back" On a Boston Sidewalk

Oh my my my, as those of you who read this blog know from previous music blast posts, I absolutely LOVE Michael Jackson.  With that being said, the lead singer of Lake Street Dive, Rachael Price, is a vocal beast!
Her voice is ridiculously smooth and creamy - like butta, baby.

I asked my hubby what I would need to get a deeper smoky voice like Rachael's, he looked at me in confusion and said, "I don't know, start chain smoking?"
(That just goes to show you how adolescent my voice still sounds at 38 years of age.)

Well, whatever...
I've got to use what I'm working with and in the meantime sit in awe of jazz singers from Hendersonville, TN, who sound like they were born with a mic in one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other.

Check out what is possibly THE BEST cover of "I Want You Back".

Major shout out to the bass player/harmonizer, Miss Bridget Kearney.  I love seeing girls play the bass and drums.  Don't ask me why.  I think I have problems accepting traditional gender roles. With that being said, hearing Rachael and Bridget harmonizing really made my ears happy.

So anyway, enjoy the video and  have a great weekend!
~Peace and Blessings~

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