Sunday, October 24, 2010

KITCHEN KREATIONS: Smothered pork chops with rice & gravy with southern-style green beans

Sunday Dinner:

So, for tonight's Sunday dinner, I didn't feel like trying any new recipes. I have been so worn out from being back at work on a full schedule, that I just wanted some old fashioned comfort food.
Tonight's menu consisted of smothered pork chops with rice & gravy and southern-style green beans. The hubby made us pina colada drinks to go with our meal.
Everything turned out delicious. As usual, when I started off cooking, I was incredibly hungry, but by the time the food was done, I could barely eat what was on my plate because I am so tired. So, I have my plate ready to eat in a little bit once I finish sipping on my pina colada and my stomach realizes that this rum does not make a meal. :-)
Well, I hope you enjoy the picture.

Live your life like it's golden and be blessed!

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