Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Majestic: Kansas City, MO

Location: 978 Broadway Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

To celebrate the hubby's birthday weekend, we decided to have a little get-away vacation. So, off to Kansas City we went. I wanted to surprise the hubby with a nice dinner where we could hear live jazz, so of course I turned to my trusty Google and found this little gem of a spot in downtown KC. It had some pretty good reviews on Urbanspoon, so I decided to give it a try. I made reservations online and told them that it was the hubby's birthday, but little did I know the secrets of this wonderful restaurant did not lie in the nice main-seating section with the jazz pianist playing upstairs. Oh no, the secrets of this place was downstairs where there was an actual live jazz band playing. It was amazing!

One person on Urbanspoon said that he thought it was too loud downstairs. I don't agree with that at all. I think that if he wanted a quieter setting, he should have stayed upstairs where the pianist was playing. You have to ask for downstairs reservations to be able to sit at one of the coveted tables to hear the band. Lucky for us, there was a couple who left as soon as they had finished eating instead of waiting to hear the full set, so when I asked about getting a table downstairs, the owner was able to move us to their vacated spot.

Since it was the DH's birthday, I told him to order whatever he wanted. We started off with a delicious appetizer, the Fried Risotto Balls. Having never eaten Risotto at all, we weren't quite sure what to expect. But, going off of the Urbanspoon reviews which suggested we had to try them, we thought we would be a little adventurous and try something new. Boy were we glad we did. They were so good and the spicy tomato sauce was absolutely perfect. I wanted to stick my finger in the sauce it was so good.

For dinner, I ordered the Chicken Alfredo. Trust me when I say that the sauce was a thick and creamy concoction of pasta yumminess. (Thankfully the hotel had a fitness center in it, because I knew I was gonna be in a carb coma after eating this.)

Hubby ordered the prime rib which was so huge that it took him a couple of days to actually finish it. LOL! Never thought I would see that happen to my meat and potatoes man.

After dinner, our wonderful waiter served the hubby with a piece of their homemade "Garment District Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce". He even thought to put a birthday candle in it to make it a little more special. I thought that was awesome. The hubby loved it and it tasted amazing.

We had absolutely no complaints about this wonderful restaurant. The staff made sure that my hubby had a blast and the food was excellent. I definitely recommend this restaurant the next time you want a fun date night and you are in the Kansas City area. We had a great time.

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