Friday, January 14, 2011

TGIF Music Blast: Mariah Carey - "Heat"

Oh my word, this is definitely one of my favorite songs from the E=MC2 album.
This song is called "Heat" and it should have definitely been released as a single. It's so catchy and the lyrics are hilarious. I've never seen Mariah like this with the sassy attititude. Love it! So anyway, this is the song of the day for me. Hope you enjoy!

You think I won't come out these heels and make it clear, ho?
I ain't the one.
You think I won't sweat out my hair and take it there?
(Sure ain't the one!)
Keep your hands up off my boo.
Ain't no telling what I'll do.
What makes you think you're fly enough to take my man, ho?
I ain't the one!

LOL! Epic!!!

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